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What are the Nuclear Power Industry Boiler H2O and Oxygen Detectors?

Portable high-sensitive micro-dissolved oxygen analyzer SDW-12B series introduction Portable high-sensitive micro-dissolved oxygen analyzer SDW-12B uses micro current high-precision chip to ensure that the instrument response time is fast, stable, accurate test value, simple operation, less maintenance, and the long service life. Widely used in the monitoring of solubol content such as condensed water, oxygenate water, […]

Oxygen Technical Principle

The oxygen content in the water can sufficiently show the degree of oxygen from the water. For biological treatment plants using activated sludge, understand the oxygen content of the exposed pool is very important, and the oxygen increase in sewage will promote biological activities other than anaerobic microorganisms, thus removing volatile substances and easy natural […]

Online Micro-Oxygen Analyzer

The online micro-oxygen analyzer has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high reliability, fast response time, wide application range, can be widely used in environmentally friendly online monitoring, industrial control, safety monitoring and other occasions. 1.1 Application Guide The analyzer can measure the concentration of gas such as SO2, NO, NO2, O2, NH3, CL2, NO, […]

How to Operate the Nuclear Power Boiler H2O and Oxygen Detector?

This oxygen system is made of polar spectrometry and the film-making oxygen electrode (also known as a CLARK electrode). The molecular oxygen passes through the membrane from the liquid medium into the electrode electrode electrolyte, under a certain polarized voltage, oxygen is reduced, generating current. The oxygen in the film-making oxygenation electrode is in the […]

The Difference Between Gas Analyzer and Gas Detection Alarm

Different instrument structure Gas detection alarm structure is simpler, including only probes (sensors) and sensor signal conversion circuit parts. The gas analyzer not only has a probe (sensor) but also a full range of airway systems, but will introduce the inside of the instrument and will then lead the instrument’s airline system. Different test mode […]

The Components and Necessity of Combustible Gas Alarm

With the rapid development of society, many gas fuels continue to appear in our lives and industrial production, which brings us convenience and harm. Nothing is perfect, and there are advantages and disadvantages. In order to provide a strong guarantee for our personal safety and property safety, the gas alarm was developed. What are the […]

Technical Characteristics of Carbon Monoxide Detector

The carbon monoxide detector is a high-brightness liquid crystal indicator, which can be flexibly configured with a variety of gas detection instruments with different gas sensors. The instrument can continuously detect the concentration of toxic gas, oxygen, flammable and explosive gas, and observe the current gas concentration value at any time. It is widely used […]

Signal Output Technology of Combustible Gas Detector

The combustible gas detector has two signal outputs: analog 4-20mA output and RS-485 data bus output. The 500 model only has a 4-20mA output. The output signal is a 4-20mA linear analog signal related to the detection range. This signal is compatible with 10 series and 12 series multi-module controllers, programmable logic controllers and other […]

Pay Attention to These Points When Using A Gas Analyzer

Gas analyzers are widely used in petrochemical, environmental protection, gas, coal and other industries. For various safety production occasions and testing requirements, choosing the right gas analyzer is very important for everyone engaged in safety and health work. Confirm the type and concentration range of the gas to be detected The types of gases encountered […]

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