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What are the Nuclear Power Industry Boiler H2O and Oxygen Detectors?

Portable high-sensitive micro-dissolved oxygen analyzer SDW-12B series introduction

Portable high-sensitive micro-dissolved oxygen analyzer SDW-12B uses micro current high-precision chip to ensure that the instrument response time is fast, stable, accurate test value, simple operation, less maintenance, and the long service life. Widely used in the monitoring of solubol content such as condensed water, oxygenate water, water supply plant, power plant, power plant and thermal power plant.

The oxygen concentration (unit%) of the gas is measured for food, fruit, medicinal warehouse, tunnel, human defense work, ship, also used in medical superior lung function measurements, power stations, smelting, chemicals and other boiler combustion during gas phase medium oxygen concentrations .

Dissolved oxygen (unit mg / L) refers to one of the important indicators that dissolve in water or liquid phase molecular oxygen. The measurement of dissolved oxygen is an indispensable monitoring of power generation, boiler, aquaculture, water source protection, water supply, sewage treatment and other departments.

This oxygen system is made of polar spectrometry and the film-making oxygen electrode (also known as a CLARK electrode). The molecular oxygen passes through the membrane from the liquid medium into the electrode electrode electrolyte, under a certain polarized voltage, oxygen is reduced, generating current. The oxygen in the film-making oxygenation electrode is in the neutral electrolyte:

Cathode O2 + 2H2O + 4C = 4OH

Anode 4AG + 4CL-4E = 4AGCL

The current is proportional to the concentration of oxygen, and the electrolytic current is enlarged, calculated, and oxygen concentrations are displayed by electronic units.

In the oxygen reduction process, the electrode consumes oxygen, and oxygen must be continuously supplied by the medium. Therefore, when using the instrument to measure the oxygen concentration, the medium must be constantly flowing to ensure the correct and reliable measurement.

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