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Measurement Instrumentation

we specialize in measurement instrumentation and solutions that enable our clients to clearly see and monitor conditions that are otherwise invisible and pose a hidden threat !

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Replace Mbruan Glove box、Nichwell Glove box 、Vac-atm Glove box、Inertcorp Glove box、Etelux Glove box、Cleatech Glove box、Jacomex Glove box … Online Oxygen Analyzer/Oxygen Transmitter.

Replace Mbruan Glove box、Nichwell Glove box 、Vac-atm Glove box、Inertcorp Glove box、Etelux Glove box、Cleatech Glove box、Jacomex Glove box … Online Dew-Point Analyzers/Dew-Point Transmitter.

Why Avcray?

Avcray, located across the globe, are trusted for the precision and reliability of their products, strong innovation and singular focus on customer service. With a history of development and innovation starting in 1965 and continuing to the present day, we look forward to many more milestones to come.

Moisture Sensing

Ceramic Sensor
Polymer sensors
P2O5 Sensors

Gas Sensing

Thermal conductivity
Infrared Gas Sensor

Patented Designs & Key Technologies

Avcray has developed and patented key technologies that enable our devices to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, workflow efficiency and ease-of-use. These key technologies are available only on our products, make our analyzers and sensors superior to competitive devices, and cannot be replicated by any other company.

Integrated CELL BLOCK
Our patented Integrated CELL BLOCK provides a unique sample system approach that virtually eliminates all potential leak paths while optimizing flow efficiencies. The sample system & flow efficient sensor pocket are machined directly into a solid metallic block and interconnected with small diameter, precision-drilled, intersecting gas passages. Finally, we integrate our specially engineered 3-way Selector Valve, a metering valve, pressure sensor and flow meter directly into the machined block. This approach eliminates long lengths of leak-prone tubing, delivers up to a 400% faster measurement response time, and provides front panel access to the sensor while minimizing overall Analyzer size.
Proprietary Sensor Technology

Avcray uses proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce its exclusive electrochemical oxygen sensors. The patented designs produce a sensor that yields an extremely quick response, high reliability and longer product life. Avcray’s oxygen sensors provide an industry-leading resistance to H2S, in concentrations up to 500 ppm. This eliminates the need for a maintenance-intensive H2S scrubber for the sample gas. Avcray also puts 100% of our sensors through a battery of performance tests across multiple temperature ranges to insure they meet our strict quality standards.

Gas Measurement Solutions

Avcray designs, manufactures, and assembles advanced sensors and innovative analytical instrumentation for a worldwide customer base.

Replacement Galvanic Fuel Cell Oxygen Sensors

Similar to replacing a battery in a flashlight, simply remove the existing oxygen sensor and install the Avcray equivalent. 

Leading the way

Discover how we’re solving critical Gas Measurement management challenges with innovative technologies that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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