Binary Gas Analyzer for Hydrogen – XTP903-ex

A robust, linear and stable thermal conductivity analyzer for measurement of binary gas mixes such as air in hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium or carbon-dioxide. The sensor is housed in a rugged casing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The analyzer can be supplied explosion-proof and suitable for hazardous areas.

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The XTP903-ex range gas analyzers accurately measures the changes of one constituent in binary or pseudo-binary gas mixture, i.e. mixtures in which only one constituent changes. Examples include hydrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium and various halogenated hydrocarbons such as the Freons. Almost any single constituent of a gas mixture can be measured providing its thermal conductivity differs from that of the other components. Ranges from high ppm to 100% are possible depending on the gas being measured.

A non-depleting maintenance free katharometer sensor measures the thermal conductivity of the gas. The sensor incorporates a highly sensitive element of low thermal capacity. Signal processing is provided by a microprocessor to give a level of accuracy and a range not normally associated with this type of sensor. Little or no calibration is required because of the system’s inherent high stability.

A built-in sample pump means that samples can be drawn from low-pressure sources or can be naturally aspirated. An integral needle valve and flow indicator are used to control the sample flow through the analyzer.

Dual-gas measurement is provided by the XTP903-ex. It combines the measurement abilities of the XTP903-ex with oxygen measurement by electrochemical cell. Concentration ranges from 100ppm to 100% of oxygen are available, depending on the application.

A large, alphanumeric LCD shows measured values and also displays messages and prompts for the menu driven configuration and calibration routines. These procedures are simple and straightforward.

  • Suitable for use in ATEX, UKCA, IECEx, TR CU Ex & cQPSus certified Hazardous Areas
  • Optional status LEDs following NAMUR standard
  • Compact and rugged design with an EExd enclosure and 4…20 mA output
  • Touch-screen display allows calibration or adjustment without the need for a hot works permit
  • Accuracy of better than ±2 % full scale
  • IP66 rated enclosure
  • Low cost of ownership due to minimal maintenance
  • Typical ranges available: 0…5 % up to 0…100 % (others gas dependent)
  • Stability ±0.5 % per month (of range)
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Binary Gas Analyzer for Hydrogen – XTP903-ex

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