We offer a wide range of high-precision trace moisture analyzers, water dew-point transmitters, chilled mirror reference hygrometers and process moisture analyzers which ensure peace of mind to thousands of customers around the world.

Dew-Point Analyzers

As industrial production processes become ever more demanding, the requirements for compressed air treatment and drying processes are also on the rise. Reliable dew point measurement and continuous monitoring of the dew point using a dew point transmitter is therefore crucial in ensuring that the entire production process runs smoothly and safeguarding a high level of product quality.

Dew-Point Transmitters

Our range of dew-point sensors are easy to install and maintain. They measure dew point, moisture content and trace moisture in both gases and hydrocarbon liquids. Typical applications include monitoring compressed air dryers to maximize energy savings, protecting process equipment from moisture corrosion/
contamination and monitoring controlled atmospheres in glove boxes. Available with a sensor exchange program to minimize maintenance time, they are reliable and cost-effective.

Measuring cells

Phosphorus pentoxide (P₂O₅) has a great desire to absorb water in order to change into tetrametaphosphoric acid. It is an extremely hygroscopic salt. This makes it ideal for setting up a moisture-sensitive sensor. The process goes back to the KEIDEL measuring cell developed in 1956. In contrast to this, the sensitive layer of our Sensor is applied on the outside, together with two electrodes. At these a decomposition voltage is present greater than 12V. This converts the metaphosphoric acid into hydrogen and oxygen and thus releases phosphorus pentoxide again. Theoretically, the P₂O₅ is not used up. The measuring of the resulting electrolysis current is a directly value of the moisture (Farady’s law).


Trace moisture measurement is essential for ensuring quality, safety and efficiency in thousands of applications across a wide range of industries. Water vapour is a serious contaminant in many processes, having a detrimental effect on the quality and integrity of final products. Water dew point is a specific category of moisture measurement and is the most common parameter selected when condensation or ice formation is to be avoided.

Applications for trace humidity range from medical breathing air and monitoring industrial dryers through to monitoring the dew point in natural gas to ensure it complies with international quality standards.