Fuel Cell Oxygen Sensors

Avcray offers an extensive line of high quality, manufactured in the USA, engineered precision electrochemical micro-fuel cell oxygen sensors. These sensors are offered in a wide range of configurations with analysis from 0.001 PPM up to 100.0% oxygen.

Backed with excellent customer service and an industry proven product design, our sensors are found in a number of applications throughout the world including air separation plants, chemical & petrochemical processes, steel production, and many others.

D Series

O2 sensors for scuba diving. Avcray offers a wide variety of oxygen sensors for scuba diving, replacements for R-22D, R-22S, R-17D, Analox O2 sensors, PSR-11-39-MD, PSR-11-39JD, AII-11-60, AII-11-75D, AII-11-75-PO2-D and many more

S Series

V Series

% Oxygen sensors for ventilators, these sensors are specifically designed for breathing air equipment, respirators, ventilators and spot checking of oxygen in oxygen lines. Replacements for variety of models are available, for cross reference to other manufacturer part numbers, go to Cross Reference.

P Series

Avcray offers a full line of % O2 sensors for industrial applications, a variety of models are available for low to high level of O2 measurement, including sensors for oxygen purity measurements, sensors with expected sensor life of 2 years in 100% oxygen. Replacement sensors for Class B1, B3, C3, A5, E2, GPR-11-120, GPR-11-120-OP, GPR-11-120-RTS, GPR-11-120-4, XLT-11-24

T Series

Avcray offers a full line of PPM O2 sensors for industrial applications. Excellent stability, quick recovery from air to sub-ppm level in minutes. Replacement PPM O2 sensors for B-2C, B-2CXL, A2C, Insta-Trace, Insta-Trace-CO2, GPR-12-333, XLT-12-333