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What are the Differences between Gas Detectors and Gas Analyzers?

Comparison of several major differences between gas online analyzer and gas detection alarm: 1. Structure The structure of the gas detector is relatively simple, only including the probe (sensor) and the sensor signal conversion circuit part. The gas analyzer is not only equipped with probes (sensors) inside, but also has a complete set of gas […]

The Structure and Working Principle of the Centrifuge Oxygen Content Analyzer

The centrifuge oxygen content analyzer is composed of a scrubber, a dewatering filter, a fine filter (organic filter powder), a condenser, a flow meter, a gas analyzer, a complete set of sampling processing system and calibration system, and a sampling probe The unexpected part is installed inside a calibration box. Gas analysis instrument is the […]

Simple Operation Method of Portable Gas Detection Alarm

Portable gas detection and alarm devices are widely used in petrochemical industry, restricted space operations, and hot fire maintenance operations. In fact, the use of portable gas detection and alarm devices is relatively simple. Turn on Long press the power button to start the portable gas detection alarm instrument, and the instrument can enter the […]

Main Features and Precautions for Use of Magnetic Mechanical Oxygen Analyzer

Main features: Compared with the thermal magnetic analyzer, the magnetic mechanical oxygen analyzer has the following characteristics: ① It is an analyzer that directly measures the paramagnetism of oxygen. During the measurement, it is not affected by changes in the thermal conductivity and density of the measured gas. ② The linear scale is within the […]

How to Choose A Suitable Gas Detector for Limited Space Operations

Limited space refers to the narrow closed or partially closed space at the entrance and exit, such as cellars, cabins, storage tanks, pipelines, basements, sewage tanks (wells), biogas tanks, septic tanks, sewers, fermentation tanks, etc. Some hazardous toxic gases are concealed and difficult to detect, and multiple hazards may coexist. Use a limited space gas […]

Do You Know The Installation Standards and Basis for Industrial-Grade Combustible Gas Detection Alarms?

In fire protection engineering, industrial-grade combustible gas detector alarms are often used. It plays an early warning role in the entire fire protection system. This requires its installation to comply with reasonable installation requirements and installation specifications in different places. To carry out these two aspects. Generally, when compiling the acceptance evaluation report of the […]

Introduction of AGP200-R Organic Combustible Gas Online Analysis System

Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is a relatively mature technical process for the treatment of organic waste gas (VOC). It uses thermal oxidation and catalytic oxidation technology to destroy the organic matter in the emissions. Its working principle is to preheat the organic waste gas through the regenerator, and then enter the combustion chamber for thermal […]

Application Field and Functional Characteristics of Centrifuge Oxygen Content Analyzer

As we all know, centrifuges are widely used in the chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and shipbuilding sectors, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial sites. When the centrifuge is running at high speed, static sparks will be generated. If the materials inside contain flammable and volatile gases such as […]

Analysis of Application Difficulties of Infrared Gas Analyzer

1 Infrared gas analyzer is to realize a series of chemical processes A gas analyzer or a gas analysis system is equivalent to a complete set of chemical process equipment. Therefore, the working process of the gas analysis instrument system is to realize a series of chemical processes. If you want to obtain correct data […]

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