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What are the Differences between Gas Detectors and Gas Analyzers?

Comparison of several major differences between gas online analyzer and gas detection alarm:

1. Structure

The structure of the gas detector is relatively simple, only including the probe (sensor) and the sensor signal conversion circuit part. The gas analyzer is not only equipped with probes (sensors) inside, but also has a complete set of gas path system, that is, the sample gas is introduced into the instrument, and then the complete set of gas path system is led out of the instrument to vent or recover.

2. Measurement condition control

The gas detector does not have the adjustment and control part of the sample gas process technical conditions, and it does not consider the environmental conditions of the sample gas at all, and directly performs the detection.

A complete set of gas circuit system and external supporting equipment in the gas analyzer constitute a complete chemical process flow. The gas analyzer internally adjusts and controls the working conditions of the sample gas in order to achieve the purpose of normal and stable operation of the sensor. , This is the guarantee that the gas analyzer can obtain accurate measurement data.

3. Detection method

The gas detector uses the probe to be directly exposed to the measured air or sample gas environment for detection. The gas analyzer introduces the measured gas (sample gas) into the instrument through a special method for measurement, and then leads it out of the instrument to be vented.

4. Operation method of measurement process

When the gas detector is in use, you only need to place the instrument in the measured atmosphere, and the instrument can display the value. The gas analyzer must carefully introduce the sample gas into the instrument, and then strictly adjust the process technical conditions, such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc., only when the operator adjusts the instrument until a stable chemical process is achieved. Accurate measurement data. The data obtained before this is incorrect and must be discarded.

5. Consideration of interference factors in the detection process

The gas detector is used to directly place the sensor in a large environment for measurement. The structure design of the instrument and the actual use of the detection process do not consider whether there are factors that interfere with the measurement in the large environment, and it does not have a design to exclude various interference factors. ability. In the design, selection and use of the gas online analyzer, various internal and external factors that affect the measurement must be fully considered, and must be carefully eliminated one by one. Only in this way can the accuracy and authenticity of the detection data be ensured. Otherwise, a certain influencing factor is inappropriately ignored, which is not allowed and unacceptable for testing.

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