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Simple Operation Method of Portable Gas Detection Alarm

Portable gas detection and alarm devices are widely used in petrochemical industry, restricted space operations, and hot fire maintenance operations. In fact, the use of portable gas detection and alarm devices is relatively simple.

  1. Turn on

Long press the power button to start the portable gas detection alarm instrument, and the instrument can enter the detection interface after self-checking

  1. Safety inspection

For the portable gas detector, the inspection before use can ensure the accuracy, durability and endurance of its detection. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the battery is sufficient after starting up, whether the response is sensitive after ventilation, and whether it can alarm. After everything is correct, you can wear it on your body and enter the site for work.

  1. Alarm processing

If the detector alarms during operation, safety measures must be taken in accordance with the company’s safety operating procedures, such as evacuation in time, starting the exhaust equipment, and shutting off the valve.

  1. Turn off and charge

When the work is completed, the power should be turned off in time, and the gas detector with insufficient power should be charged in time to ensure normal operation next time.

Of course, the above is just a simple way to use the portable gas detector. If you want to perform more in-depth maintenance operations such as calibration, you need to read the gas detector’s manual carefully. If you have any questions, you can call the manufacturer’s technical phone for consultation at any time.

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