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Introduction of AGP200-R Organic Combustible Gas Online Analysis System

Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is a relatively mature technical process for the treatment of organic waste gas (VOC). It uses thermal oxidation and catalytic oxidation technology to destroy the organic matter in the emissions. Its working principle is to preheat the organic waste gas through the regenerator, and then enter the combustion chamber for thermal oxidation, heating and raising the temperature to above 750℃, so that the VOCs in the waste gas are oxidized and decomposed into CO2 and H2O. The oxidized high-heat gas passes through another regenerator for heat treatment, and then the flue gas is discharged from the RTO system.

As we all know, organic waste gas contains a certain amount of organic combustible gas. Once the organic combustible gas entering the combustion chamber exceeds the standard, there will be a risk of combustion and explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the concentration of organic combustible gas in real time.

The AGP200-R monitoring system is aimed at the RTO process, real-time online monitoring of the concentration of organic combustible gas before the organic waste gas enters the combustion chamber to ensure the safety of the production process and the automatic control of the entire process.

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