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Main Features and Precautions for Use of Magnetic Mechanical Oxygen Analyzer

  1. Main features:

Compared with the thermal magnetic analyzer, the magnetic mechanical oxygen analyzer has the following characteristics:

① It is an analyzer that directly measures the paramagnetism of oxygen. During the measurement, it is not affected by changes in the thermal conductivity and density of the measured gas.

② The linear scale is within the range of 0…100% O2, and the measurement accuracy is high, and the measurement error can be as low as ±0.1% O2.

③ High sensitivity, in addition to the measurement of constants, it can also be used for the measurement of trace oxygen (O2‰).

  1. Matters needing attention:

① The magnetic mechanical oxygen analyzer is based on the direct measurement of the magnetic susceptibility. Some strong magnetic gases such as oxygen and nitrogen will cause serious interference in the measurement, so these interference components should be removed. In addition, some stronger diamagnetic gases can also cause larger measurement errors. For example, xenon gas, if the sample contains a lot of such gas, it should be removed or corrective measures should be taken to the measurement result.

② The volumetric magnetic susceptibility of oxygen is a function of pressure and temperature. Changes in sample gas pressure, temperature, and changes in ambient temperature will affect the measurement results. Therefore, the pressure of the sample gas must be stabilized to match the pressure value when the instrument is adjusted. The ambient temperature and the entire maintenance components should work within the designed temperature range. Generally speaking, various types of magnetic mechanical oxygen analyzers are equipped with temperature control systems to maintain the detection components to work under constant temperature conditions.

③. Whether it is a short-term severe vibration or a slight continuous vibration, it will weaken the magnetic field strength of the magnetic material. Therefore, the magnetic mechanical instrument usually installs the detector and other sensitive parts in the vibration-proof device. Of course, the installation position of the magnetic mechanical oxygen analyzer should also avoid the vibration source and take appropriate anti-vibration measures. In addition, any electrical wiring is not allowed to pass through these sensitive parts to prevent electromagnetic interference and vibration interference.

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