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How to Operate the Nuclear Power Boiler H2O and Oxygen Detector?

This oxygen system is made of polar spectrometry and the film-making oxygen electrode (also known as a CLARK electrode). The molecular oxygen passes through the membrane from the liquid medium into the electrode electrode electrolyte, under a certain polarized voltage, oxygen is reduced, generating current. The oxygen in the film-making oxygenation electrode is in the neutral electrolyte:

Cathode O2 + 2H2O + 4C = 4OH

Anode 4AG + 4CL-4E = 4AGCL

The current is proportional to the concentration of oxygen, and the electrolytic current is enlarged, calculated, and oxygen concentrations are displayed by electronic units.

In the oxygen reduction process, the electrode consumes oxygen, and oxygen must be continuously supplied by the medium. Therefore, when using the instrument to measure the oxygen concentration, the medium must be constantly flowing to ensure the correct and reliable measurement.

(1) The role of the instrument function key:

  1. Correct the regulator:

Used to measure the oxygen and dissolved oxygen in the air in the air to adjust.

2, oxygen / dissolved oxygen switch:

This switch is used to measure the conversion of oxygen and dissolved oxygen in the gas. When the switch protrudes, the gas in the gas is measured; or the dissolved oxygen air scales can also be directly measured when the switch is pressed, and dissolved oxygen is measured.

3, range selection switch:

Range switch points left, medium and right. The measurement range of each file is determined according to customer requirements.

If you use portable micro-dissolved oxygen monitoring data

  1. After the instrument is turned on, the instrument is placed in% gear. When the oxygen electrode is placed in the air, after stabilizing (2-3) minutes, adjust the correction regulator, causing the instrument to display 20.6%. Instruments such as precision measurement, the corrected data should be highly and humidity corrections (see appendix).
  2. After the sample measurement – After the instrument correction, the oxygen electrode flow cell is loaded, and the sample will enter the flow cell, the sample hold flow rate is greater than 10 cm / sec. Press the aerobic / dissolved oxygen switch and placed in the MG / L file. After the instrument is stabilized (2 – 3) minutes, the recording reading (mg / L) is the dissolved oxygen of the sample.
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