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The Components and Necessity of Combustible Gas Alarm

With the rapid development of society, many gas fuels continue to appear in our lives and industrial production, which brings us convenience and harm. Nothing is perfect, and there are advantages and disadvantages. In order to provide a strong guarantee for our personal safety and property safety, the gas alarm was developed. What are the components of the combustible gas alarm, and what is the necessity of each part? The editor will give you a detailed introduction.

[Introduction to the components of the combustible gas alarm]

The combustible gas alarm is one of the components of the gas alarm, and it is also an important part of the entire gas alarm, because the core component of the gas alarm is the gas sensor, and the gas sensor is installed in the gas detector. Therefore, you can buy a gas alarm without a gas alarm controller, but you can’t do without a gas detector. The gas alarm controller is mainly used to record the alarm time and the query of the fault record. The gas detector is supplied with 24V voltage, which can also be regarded as a small transformer.

The difference between a combustible gas alarm and a gas detector is that the gas alarm has a gas detector and a gas alarm controller, while the gas detector is just a hand-held small detector, which can detect gas leaks anytime and anywhere, but it cannot achieve 24 Hourly real-time monitoring. Although the fixed gas alarm is equipped with a gas detector and a gas alarm controller, wiring is also required. It is a bit troublesome to install and fix, but the fixed gas alarm is safer, the quality is excellent, and it is explosion-proof, and it can also be tested for 24 hours. If a large-scale production enterprise or place, it is safer to install a fixed gas alarm.

[Some relevant understanding of combustible gas alarm]

The process of buying combustible gas alarms has caused problems for most people. The reason is that gas alarms should be purchased according to those conditions, which is not wasteful and can be installed reasonably? When choosing a combustible gas alarm, we should decide according to the nature of the gas. Different gas detection uses different sensors for gas alarms.

The price of the alarm also depends on the gas sensor. The combustible gas detector used for measuring combustible gas uses a catalytic combustion type sensor, some electrochemical sensors are used for measuring toxic gases, and infrared sensors are used for measuring carbon dioxide.

For large and medium-sized places where there is a possibility of gas leakage, a detection point should be set every (10-20) m apart according to relevant regulations. For relatively closed small spaces, testing points should also be set up. When the gas types in the on-site environment are complex, the number of gas detectors should be relatively increased.

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