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Technical Characteristics of Carbon Monoxide Detector

The carbon monoxide detector is a high-brightness liquid crystal indicator, which can be flexibly configured with a variety of gas detection instruments with different gas sensors. The instrument can continuously detect the concentration of toxic gas, oxygen, flammable and explosive gas, and observe the current gas concentration value at any time. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, papermaking, fire fighting, municipal administration, telecommunications, food, textile and other industries.

* Robust housing and electronic characteristics

* The concentration of carbon monoxide from 0 to 1000 ppm can be displayed on the large LCD display

* Bright backlighting, clear readings even in dim environments

* When the concentration of carbon monoxide increases, the frequency of the buzzer also increases

* Large value retention function, can store and display the large carbon monoxide concentration value

* The sensor automatically resets to zero and self-check sequence at startup.

* The carbon monoxide concentration buzzer can be turned off.

* When not operating for 20 minutes, it will automatically shut down to extend battery life.

* Easy to replace the battery

* Replaceable probes extend the life of the tool.

* C50 soft carrying case, battery and instruction card.

* Stable electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor

* Up to three years of sensor life (typical value): calibrate once a year.

* Alkaline battery life is 500 hours (typical value)

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