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System Structure of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Infrared gas analyzer is a physical analysis instrument based on the principle that different gas molecules selectively absorb infrared light at specific wavelengths. It is a typical optical, mechanical and electrical integrated intelligent sensor system. Compared with other gas-sensitive sensor systems, it has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast response, many types of analysis gas, […]

Structure of Gas Alarm

The industrial fixed gas alarm consists of an alarm controller and a detector. The controller can be placed in the duty room and mainly controls the monitoring points. The detector is installed in the place where the gas is most likely to leak. Its core component is built-in gas. The sensor detects the concentration of […]

Structure and Working Principle of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Infrared gas analyzer is made by using the principle of different formulas of liquid chemical reagents to directly absorb certain components of gas. Specifically, it is through the nature of certain chemical reagents (absorbents) that chemically react with co2, O2, and co in the exhaust gas, so that a certain amount of exhaust gas is […]

Special Applications of Infrared Gas Analyzers

Special applications of infrared gas analyzers: GRI-9XXX series gas analyzers can be used in flue gas emission detection systems and process and safety monitoring. GRI-9XXX gas analyzer that passed TUV certification can measure CO, NO, SO2, O2 according to the requirements in 13.BlmSchV and TALuft. * TUV certified minimum allowable range: Single and two component […]

Importance of Installing Explosion-proof Gas Detectors in Boiler Rooms

The main component of natural gas is methane, which is a flammable and explosive gas. If natural gas leaks encounter open flames, static electricity, lightning, or improper operation, explosions and fires may occur, and people in a confined space will lack oxygen, suffocate, and even die. Installing natural gas alarms can effectively prevent explosions and […]

Related Technical Parameters of Gas Detector

1 Detector Components consisting of sampling device, sensor and preamplifier circuit 2 Sensor A component that converts the concentration of the sample gas into a measurement signal 3 Indicator A part that indicates the measurement result of the gas concentration. 4 Alarm Buzzers and indicators are commonly used for components that emit alarm signals when […]

Pumping Type Portable Oxygen Detection Alarm Device

GASTiger 2000 pump-suction portable gas detection alarm device adopts imported high-performance sensors. It is an intelligent high-performance detection alarm device that can continuously monitor the measured gas and has the function of falling alarm. The instrument has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which displays the ambient temperature and humidity in real time. The optional […]

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