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Related Technical Parameters of Gas Detector

1 Detector

Components consisting of sampling device, sensor and preamplifier circuit

2 Sensor

A component that converts the concentration of the sample gas into a measurement signal

3 Indicator

A part that indicates the measurement result of the gas concentration.

4 Alarm

Buzzers and indicators are commonly used for components that emit alarm signals when the gas concentration reaches or exceeds the alarm set value.

5 Detection range

The alarm can measure the concentration range of the tested gas under the test conditions.

6 Detection error

Under test conditions, when the alarm is calibrated with standard gas, the maximum allowable error between the indicated value and the standard value.

7 Alarm error

Under test conditions, when the alarm is calibrated with standard gas, the maximum allowable error between the alarm indication value and the alarm set value.

8 Alarm set value

The alarm concentration value set by the alarm device in advance according to relevant laws or standards or site conditions.

9 Repeatability

Under the same conditions, the same alarm device repeatedly measures the same detection object within a short time, and the degree of overlap between the indicated values.

10 Stability

Under test conditions, the degree of change in performance after the alarm instrument remains in working state for a certain period of time.

11 response time

Under the test conditions, the time from the detector’s contact with the measured gas to reaching the stable indication value. Normally, the time to read 90% of the stable indication value is taken as the response time.

12 Recovery time

Under test conditions, the time from when the detector leaves the measured gas to when the monitoring state is restored. Normally, the time taken for reading to recover to 10% of the stability indication value is taken as the recovery time.

13 Monitoring status

The working state of the alarm before the alarm.

14 Alarm status

The working state of the alarm when the alarm is issued.

15 Fault status

The alarm device is in a state of failure and cannot work normally.

16 Zero gas

Clean air or nitrogen that does not contain the test gas or other interfering gases.

17 Standard gas

Gases of known composition, concentration, and accuracy

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1 According to the detection objects, there are flammable gas (including methane) detection alarms, toxic gas detection alarms, and oxygen detection alarms.

2 According to the principle of detection, flammable gas detection includes catalytic combustion type, semiconductor type, thermal conductivity type and infrared absorption type, etc .; toxic gas detection includes electrochemical type, semiconductor type, etc .; oxygen detection includes electrochemical type, etc.

3  According to the use method, there are portable and fixed.

4 According to the place of use, there are conventional and explosion-proof types.

5 Classified by function, there are gas detector, gas alarm and gas detection alarm.

6 Classified by sampling method, there are diffusion type and pumping type.

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