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Importance of Installing Explosion-proof Gas Detectors in Boiler Rooms

The main component of natural gas is methane, which is a flammable and explosive gas. If natural gas leaks encounter open flames, static electricity, lightning, or improper operation, explosions and fires may occur, and people in a confined space will lack oxygen, suffocate, and even die. Installing natural gas alarms can effectively prevent explosions and fires, thereby avoiding the safety of property and workers.

The importance of installing natural gas alarms in boiler rooms.

The function of the natural gas alarm is to detect the concentration of natural gas leakage. Once it exceeds the standard, it will immediately issue an alarm to remind staff to take safety measures. From its role we can easily see the importance of the gas alarm. If a gas alarm is installed, in case we forget to turn off the gas source, once the natural gas concentration reaches the alarm value we set, the alarm will remind us that there is a gas leak and measures should be taken to avoid the explosion to a large extent. The accident happened.

According to GB 50041-2008 boiler room design code, a flammable gas alarm is required. When there is volatilizable gas or flammable toxic gas in the air, the detection signal of the detector is immediately transmitted to the alarm control unit through the cable. The controller displays the gas concentration. When the alarm concentration is exceeded, the alarm controller That is, an acoustic and light alarm signal is output and a linkage control signal is output to control the fan and other equipment to eliminate danger, thereby ensuring the safe production of the factory and avoiding accidents.

Natural gas explosion is a high-temperature (up to 3000 ° C), high-pressure combustion process in an instant (thousandths of a second), the explosion wave speed can reach 300m / s, causing great destructive force. If natural gas leaks encounter open flames, static electricity, lightning, or improper operation, explosions and fires will occur, and people will be deprived of oxygen, suffocate, and even die in confined spaces, causing immeasurable losses to the unit’s safe production and the life of the country and people .

Points to note when dealing with natural gas leaks:

Strictly follow the relevant regulations and procedures for natural gas leakage in boiler rooms.

Contact the relevant departments of the gas company and heating company in a timely manner. Those who need to cut off the supply of natural gas must be cut off; those who need to replace natural gas must be replaced according to regulations; those who need to go through fire procedures must be handled according to regulations, and those who need professional team maintenance A qualified professional team shall be appointed for construction.

For various possible leakage accidents, organize the preparation of relevant treatment plans, emergency plans, and conduct drills of each emergency plan.

Make a reserve of special materials for handling leakage accidents, emergency fire-fighting materials, and testing tools.

To deal with the leak, a full-time safety officer in the workshop will be assigned to the site to provide relevant technical information to the relevant personnel.

After processing, make sure that the site is cleaned up as soon as the materials are completed, and that the technical information is filled in carefully.

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