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We Need to Understand The Precautions for Using Hydrogen Sulfide Detection Alarm

Hydrogen sulfide detectors are widely used in petroleum and petrochemical companies, and play a very important role in preventing poisoning accidents and reducing casualties. The hydrogen sulfide detector is an important monitoring instrument for safe production. Its main function is to detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas in the air. When the concentration in […]

Application Fields of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer

As we all know, hydrogen sulfide is a kind of flammable and hazardous chemical, it can be poisoned if you are not careful, and endanger life, safety and health. Therefore, the popular hydrogen sulfide gas analyzer will be seen in many daily chemical plants. So what fields does the hydrogen sulfide gas analyzer generally act […]

Oxygen Probe

Oxygen probe is a commonly used sensor to control the atmosphere of heat treatment. It is a measuring probe to determine the oxygen partial pressure in the carbon-containing atmosphere. This method can indirectly measure the carbon potential of the atmosphere in the furnace. It uses the oxygen potential generated by the different oxygen concentrations on […]

3 Intelligent Methods to Make Simpler Petrol Sensing Unit Repairing

They could be severe, but they are the information: The Centres for Illness Deal with and Avoidance phone numbers deaths by numerous contributes to annually, as well as in only five-many years saved 2,244 fatalities by deadly carbon monoxide (molecular remedy CO). In the event that design isn’t disconcerting ample, consider that CO is simply […]

What You Must Understand About Productive CO Sensor Placement?

Each year at least 430 individuals pass away from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. CO poisoning is within the main reasons for perishing in houses. CO detectors work effectively in alerting you of dangerous degrees of carbon dioxide. On this page, we’ll go over effective CO sensor positioning so you can be properly shielded. CO Sensor Placement […]

What is the Dew Point Meter?

Dew point meter is an instrument that can directly measure the dew point temperature. A mirror surface is cooled in the sample’s wet air until the dew drops (or ice crystals) appear on the mirror surface, and the average temperature of the mirror surface is measured, which is the dew (frost) point temperature. It has […]

What is Gas Calibration?

No matter what kind of gas detector, it will have an alarm function, mainly because when the instrument detects that the target gas concentration in the environment reaches a certain concentration, the gas detector can issue an alarm reminder. The accuracy of the test results of an instrument is an important condition for the correct […]

Fluoride for the kids: Is It Risk-free for Youngsters to Refreshment Fluoride Water to Drink

Concered about fluoride? Fluoride is definitely an inorganic mineral found commonly in faucet drinking water. In fact, area govt bodies consist of fluoride into h2o for neighborhood overall health objectives. Some specialists say fluoride is ideal for you, even though some advise it’s hazardous. But could it be risk-free of charge for youngsters to ingest […]

Advice for utilizing a Petrol Detector in Winter Weather

Assistance for implementing a Gas Sensor in Cold Weather Commercial job isn’t for your faint of heart. As though working together with large devices, harmful resources, and harmful supplies weren’t enough to deal with, your staff still need to watch the weather. Extreme conditions is around the rise—both very hot temperature and bitter chilly. But […]

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