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Application Fields of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer

As we all know, hydrogen sulfide is a kind of flammable and hazardous chemical, it can be poisoned if you are not careful, and endanger life, safety and health. Therefore, the popular hydrogen sulfide gas analyzer will be seen in many daily chemical plants. So what fields does the hydrogen sulfide gas analyzer generally act on? The editor of Yiyuntian will introduce you in detail below.

1. Mining and metal processing industry

Metals and minerals have always been the leaders in driving the development of national production and occupy a large proportion of the national economy. There are many mining and metal processing industries in our country, but the hydrogen sulfide generated by sulfur-containing ores in the air of metal mines and roadways lacks the corresponding safety, and many people are discouraged. With the continuous development of the country, the appearance of instruments such as hydrogen sulfide gas analyzers has also greatly promoted the development of these industries.

Two, oil fields and refineries and other oil extraction industries

In the process of oil exploration wells, mining, and refining, hydrogen sulfide has quietly come around these activities, waiting for opportunities. Blowout accidents in oil and gas fields occur in many places. Whether it is drilling, workover, oil extraction or refining, a slight careless operation of this kind will cause explosions or poisoning accidents. In order to avoid large-scale casualties, hydrogen sulfide gas analyzers will be used To perform real-time detection and use it in conjunction with other equipment to reduce the incidence of accidents.

3. Sewage treatment and sewer maintenance

In addition to mining and oil extraction, there is also a place that cannot be ignored, where there is also the risk of fatal hydrogen sulfide accidents. There is sewage treatment and sewer maintenance. Heavy metal polluted waste water, manure pits, sludge and other waste gas and waste liquid discharged in daily life will bring accidental exposure to hydrogen sulfide. Many municipal workers have reported incidents of hydrogen sulfide poisoning when dredging sewers, sewers, and sewage treatment operations. Therefore, the supply of highly efficient and reliable hydrogen sulfide gas analyzers is essential for the working lives of workers engaged in these occupations.

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