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What is the Dew Point Meter?

Dew point meter is an instrument that can directly measure the dew point temperature. A mirror surface is cooled in the sample’s wet air until the dew drops (or ice crystals) appear on the mirror surface, and the average temperature of the mirror surface is measured, which is the dew (frost) point temperature. It has a high humidity measurement accuracy, but requires a mirror with a very smooth finish, a highly accurate temperature control system, and an optical detection system with very sensitive dew drops (ice crystals). During use, the pipe that sucks in the sample air must be kept clean, otherwise the impurities in the pipe will absorb or release moisture and cause measurement errors.

In winter, we will all see the phenomenon that, due to the low outdoor temperature, the hot and humid air in the room will condense on the window glass, making the window glass dew point meter icon

If we observe and study it carefully, if we turn on the dehumidifier indoors, and gradually remove the indoor humidity, then although the temperature is still the same outdoors, we will find that the dew on the window glass will slowly disappear, and the window glass will be heavy again. Reveal the essence of transparency. If the outdoor temperature drops at this time, when the temperature drops to a certain degree, although the dehumidifier has made the indoor air very dry, there will still be a fuzzy dew layer on the window glass. This phenomenon indicates that the condensation temperature on the glass is related to the moisture content of the ambient atmosphere in which the glass is located. Further research found that this relationship is a one-to-one relationship, that is, each dew temperature (we call it dew point temperature) corresponds to the environment A moisture content value for the atmosphere. It can be seen that the dew point temperature is a unit system for measuring the moisture content of a gas. The dew point analyzer is an instrument that measures the moisture content of a gas based on this unit system.

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