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Special Applications of Infrared Gas Analyzers

Special applications of infrared gas analyzers: GRI-9XXX series gas analyzers can be used in flue gas emission detection systems and process and safety monitoring. GRI-9XXX gas analyzer that passed TUV certification can measure CO, NO, SO2, O2 according to the requirements in 13.BlmSchV and TALuft. * TUV certified minimum allowable range: Single and two component analyzer

CO: 0 ~ 150mg / m3

NO: 0 ~ 250mg / m3

SO2: 0 ~ 400mg / m3

Three component analyzer

CO: 0 ~ 250mg / m3

NO: 0 ~ 400mg / m3

SO2: 0 ~ 400mg / m3

All ranges larger than the above ranges are also allowed.

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