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Gpro 500 TDL In-Situ Oxygen Analyzer Won The 2012 Golden Gas Gold Award

At the 2012 Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Applications Conference in Orlando, Florida, the METTLER TOLEDO GPro 500TM TDL Oxygen Analyzer won the Gold Award for Gas Analysis and Detection from Gases & Instrumentation International Magazine (Golden Gas Award). This is the second time METTLER TOLEDO has won this award in 2011. No pretreatment, low […]

2010BR Trace Oxygen Analyzer

① Meet the standards UL-913 and UL-1203 ② Design can apply Class I, Div. I., Groups B, C, D combustible gas ③ 3 1/2 digit high definition single range LCD display ④ 10 files user select output range ⑤ 2 fully adjustable oxygen concentration alarms, programmable delay relay logic control ⑥ User programmable alarm delay: […]

Use of Flammable Gas Detector

Combustible gas alarms are composed of detectors and alarm control hosts. They are widely used in petrochemical industries with combustible gases such as petroleum, gas, chemical, and oil depots. They are used to detect leaks in indoor and outdoor dangerous places, which is to ensure production and personal safety. When there is flammable gas in […]

TVOC Detector Manufacturer Tips: How to Face TVOC Pollution

TVOC detector is particularly suitable for detecting low concentrations of volatile organic compounds. If the concentration of the test gas in the measured gas is too high, the cycle of continuous ion recombination → ionization will occur during the ionization of these gas molecules when they are irradiated by the ultraviolet lamp. Since the TVOC […]

Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer is a Kind of Physical Gas Analysis Instrument

Based on the principle that different gases have different heat conduction capabilities, it can estimate the content of certain components by measuring the thermal conductivity of the mixed gas. This kind of analytical instrument is simple and reliable, and it is applicable to many types of gas. It is a basic analytical instrument. However, it […]

Thermal Conductivity Detection Principle and Precautions

Thermal conductivity detector (TCD) is a concentration-type detector that responds by using different thermal conductivity coefficients of the measured component and the carrier gas. Some are also called hot wire detectors (HWD) or thermal conductivity meters and katherometer Or Catherometer), it is a well-known overall performance detector, which belongs to the method of physical constant […]

Thermal Conductive Gas Analyzer

Purpose and application range of thermal conductivity gas analyzer Digital hydrogen analysis instrument can be used to continuously and automatically analyze the hydrogen concentration in various mixed gases. Its structure is suitable for installation in a complete set of equipment, and has the characteristics of simple structure, small maintenance and long service life. It is […]

The Main Methods of Biogas Composition Analysis

The main methods of component detection are austenite gas analysis method, gas chromatography GC analysis method, thermal catalytic element detection method and infrared detection method. Composition detection analyzer: CO2 is absorbed by sodium hydroxide solution, CO2 is absorbed by alkaline gallic acid solution, and CH4 is measured by absorption method after the explosion combustion method, […]

Technical Characteristics and Parameters of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Technical characteristics: Continuous measurement of SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, CH4, O2, C2H4, C3H8, TCH, and other gas concentrations. Can analyze multiple components at the same time. Multiple 4-20mA analog output and relay contact output. Automatic calibration, fault self-diagnosis, digital communication functions. High precision and good stability. Menu operation, Chinese and English LCD display. ppm or […]

3 Intelligent Methods to Easily Streamline Gas Sensor Routine Maintenance

They could be grim, but these symbolize the details. The Centres for Illness Handle and Reduction is vital fatalities by various leads to each year, as well as in only five-several years preserved 2,244 demise by carbon monoxide (molecular formulation CO). In the event that appearance isn’t alarming enough, take into consideration that CO is […]

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