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TVOC Detector Manufacturer Tips: How to Face TVOC Pollution

TVOC detector is particularly suitable for detecting low concentrations of volatile organic compounds. If the concentration of the test gas in the measured gas is too high, the cycle of continuous ion recombination → ionization will occur during the ionization of these gas molecules when they are irradiated by the ultraviolet lamp. Since the TVOC detector is non-characteristic, its detection result is the sum of the signals of all monitorable substances in the measured environment. At the same time, the ion potentials of different gases are different, and the final results detected by different TVOC detectors at the same concentration may not be the same. Therefore, TVOC detector readings are always related to the calibration gas.

TVOC is a total volatile organic compound, indicating that it contains a lot of substances, including hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, oxygen hydrocarbons and nitrogen hydrocarbons, benzene series, petroleum hydrocarbon compounds and so on. People with a little knowledge of chemistry know that most of these substances have very serious harm to the human body. Specifically, it can cause imbalance in the body’s immune level, affect the central nervous system function, and cause symptoms such as dizziness, headache, drowsiness, weakness, chest tightness, etc.; it may also affect the digestive system, loss of appetite, nausea, etc.; in severe cases, it can damage the liver and Hematopoietic system, allergic reactions occur; cause sensory irritation, unpleasant smell, and irritate the upper respiratory tract and skin.

In daily life, TVOC mainly comes from: organic solutions, such as paints, water-based coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, detergents; construction materials, such as wood-based panels, foam insulation materials, plastic sheets; interior decoration materials, such as wallpaper, other Decorations, etc .; fiber materials, such as carpets, tapestries, and chemical fiber curtains. It is especially harmful to pregnant women, children, the elderly, and office workers.

Take TVOC in paint, for example, it is almost impossible to completely evaporate and clean up over time. Its volatility is directly related to the physical characteristics of the paint film. TVOC volatilization is equivalent to a slow release process, and with the aging of the paint film. There will also be some deeply embedded TVOC components released, which will cause TVOC to be released for a long time, rather than simply ventilate it.

So how do we “face” TVOC?

Most people may think of testing governance companies because testing governance companies are professional. However, after the inspection and governance of the company is completed, the TVOC contained in the decoration materials will still evaporate, so that once every period of time, the inspection and governance must be conducted, and the cost is not affordable for ordinary people.

Some people will choose to buy their own testing instruments. There are currently two types of instruments on the market: one is a professional TVOC detector, which costs thousands or even tens of thousands and is complicated to operate; the second is an air quality meter, which is very cheap, but this TVOC is a reference value set by the manufacturer and does not meet national standards.

In fact, the most effective way is to monitor and control. Use a domestic TVOC detector that meets national standards to monitor indoors or in the car in real time. When you find that TVOC exceeds the national standard of 0.6mg / m3, open the window to ventilate. As soon as you exceed the standard, Use TVOC scavenger treatment, that is economical and assured.

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