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2010BR Trace Oxygen Analyzer

① Meet the standards UL-913 and UL-1203

② Design can apply Class I, Div. I., Groups B, C, D combustible gas

③ 3 1/2 digit high definition single range LCD display

④ 10 files user select output range

⑤ 2 fully adjustable oxygen concentration alarms, programmable delay relay logic control

⑥ User programmable alarm delay: 0-300 minutes

⑦ Alarm delay: programmable 0-300 minutes

⑧ Complete system security

⑨ Data log

⑩ Two-way communication with RS232 interface

11 isolated output: 1-5VDC or 4-20mA

12 Power requirements: 10-28VDC or 115VAC less than 40mA (without heating) approximately 25 watts. With heating option

13 Direct and simple front panel sensor installation and replacement

14 installation: wall installation or 2 inch tube

15 compact and simple appearance

16 nickel-plated integrated block, 316 stainless steel compression joint

17 No need for zero gas or other supporting gas

18 Unaffected by hydrocarbons and other supporting gases

19 Radio interference protection

20 is not affected by the change of flow rate between (0.1-2.0 cubic feet / hour)

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