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Structure and Working Principle of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Infrared gas analyzer is made by using the principle of different formulas of liquid chemical reagents to directly absorb certain components of gas. Specifically, it is through the nature of certain chemical reagents (absorbents) that chemically react with co2, O2, and co in the exhaust gas, so that a certain amount of exhaust gas is in contact with the corresponding absorbent, and then the volume decrease of the exhaust gas is measured to determine the volume content of each gas component.

Filter 2 is a U-shaped glass tube, which is filled with anhydrous calcium chloride or barium chloride and glass fiber. It is used to absorb moisture in the exhaust gas and filter soot particles.

The absorption containers 11, 12, and 14 each consist of two glass bottles connected to each other. Among them, many thin glass tubes are used as absorption bottles, which can be filled with different chemical reagents for absorbing exhaust gas. The purpose of the thin glass tubes is In order to increase the contact area between the absorbent and the exhaust gas, the absorption process is accelerated; the other is a buffer bottle, which communicates with the rubber love 13. When the absorption bottle is working, it can make the absorbent fluctuate up and down to play a buffer function.

The volume of the graduated cylinder 9 is 100 mL, and there is a scale of 0.1 or 0.2 mL on it. It can measure the volume of various gases to be analyzed. The outside is covered with a glass cylinder 8, and cooling water is installed between the cylinder and the graduated cylinder. The temperature of the gas is less affected by the outside world.

The pressure bottle 10 is filled with a sealing liquid that does not react chemically with the exhaust gas, and the sealing liquid enters or exits the cylinder 9 by moving the pressure bottle up and down, thereby driving the exhaust gas into or out of the absorption bottle. The rubber ball 15 is used to extract exhaust gas and exhaust gas from the system.

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