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Concepts and Analysis Methods of Volatile Organic Compounds and Non-methane Total Hydrocarbons

First, the concept Common expressions HC: total hydrocarbons, including alkanes, olefins, aromatics (alkynes seem to be rarely considered) NMHC: Non-methane total hydrocarbons, total hydrocarbons excluding methane. TOG: Total organic gas, including total hydrocarbons, and also non-hydrocarbon organics. NMOG: Non-methane organic gas, TOG minus methane. Definition 1) VOC is a volatile organic compound The definition of […]

Brief Introduction of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Gas industry terminology, the vibration and rotation spectra of most gas molecules are in the infrared band. When the frequency of the incident infrared radiation is the same as the characteristic frequency of the vibrational rotation of the molecules, the infrared radiation will be absorbed by the gas molecules, causing the attenuation of the radiation […]

Beware of Home Renovation Pollution Erodes Health! Formaldehyde Detector, Stupid Detector, Ammonia Detector

Arrange a warm little home to create a fresh and comfortable environment. Very common home decoration has entered millions of households. Individually designed, style and owner interest, especially highlighting the high-quality, high-quality life, enjoying some beautiful at the same time The pollution caused by the new home decoration has not attracted the attention of the […]

Basic Use of Toxic Gas Detectors

Today we come to understand the selection principles of harmful gas detectors. First of all, we need to clarify the purpose of monitoring. Generally speaking, there are two purposes for using harmful gas detectors, one is to detect explosions, and the other is to detect poisons. The explosion test is to detect the presence of […]

Application of Toxic and Harmful Gas Detection Alarm

The use of harmful gas detection alarm instrument, the harmful gas detection alarm instrument is a special safety and health detector, used to detect the flammable or toxic gas and vapor content in the air inside the chemical work place or equipment and alarm. In addition, the air hypoxia detector also belongs to this kind of […]

Application of Portable Infrared Biogas Analyzer in Rural Biogas

Common problems with rural biogas Newly built biogas digester, the water level of the biogas digester water pressure will drop after feeding. When a newly built biogas digester is tested for water pressure through a water pressure chamber after adding raw materials, a common problem is that the water column drops after the water column […]

Application Fields of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Optimize the operation of small combustion systems. For combustion systems using all types of fuels (oil, gas and coal), check their exhaust concentration; also monitor the operation of thermal combustion plants. Monitor indoor air. Fruit storage, greenhouses, cellars And various functions of the air condition detection process control of warehouses and warehouses During the heat […]

Analysis Principle of Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

Thermal conductivity gas analyzer is a name based on an analysis principle, which can generally analyze the concentration of hydrogen and argon. The instrument works based on different physical principles of different gas components with different thermal conductivity conditions. The platinum wire is used as a sensitive element to form an unbalanced electric bridge. The […]

Analysis of Maintenance Function of Dust Monitor

In the actual use of the dust concentration detector, if it is encountered that the instrument can start normally and there is no flow, because the gas path is disconnected or blocked, we only need to reconnect or disconnect the gas path tube Pneumatic back purge can solve such problems well. In the actual use […]

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