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Analysis of Maintenance Function of Dust Monitor

In the actual use of the dust concentration detector, if it is encountered that the instrument can start normally and there is no flow, because the gas path is disconnected or blocked, we only need to reconnect or disconnect the gas path tube Pneumatic back purge can solve such problems well. In the actual use process, if it is unable to work normally after booting, it is generally caused by the low electromagnetic voltage, the button is damaged, and the internal link of the machine is faulty. For such a situation, in the actual operation process, we only need to charge the device, replace the button, and reconnect the internal circuit to solve this problem.

  1. Matters needing attention:

(1) The instrument is prohibited to be used in environments with high dust concentration, environments containing water vapor, oil and corrosive substances, and in high temperature environments.

(2) It should work in a state where there is no pressure difference or temperature difference between the sampling port and the working position of the instrument.

(3) The power plug socket must be reliable.

(4) Avoid vibration and impact when moving the instrument.

In the actual use of the dust concentration detector, if it is a malfunction, we really perform repairs in a timely manner. However, in the actual operation process, we must pay attention to the problem that it must not be changed. The original route of the instrument and the related visual parameters must not use other non-dedicated electronic phrases for corresponding operations. If not, the use of the device has a very large impact.

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