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Basic Use of Toxic Gas Detectors

Today we come to understand the selection principles of harmful gas detectors. First of all, we need to clarify the purpose of monitoring. Generally speaking, there are two purposes for using harmful gas detectors, one is to detect explosions, and the other is to detect poisons. The explosion test is to detect the presence of flammable gas in the operating environment or dangerous occasions. When the flammable gas exceeds the standard, an alarm is issued to avoid the occurrence of the explosion: for the test of poison, the content of toxic gas in the gas is exceeded. Call the police to prevent poisoning of personnel. Learn more about phosphine detectors

Because the toxic gas detector can display the concentration of various gases, pay attention to the regular calibration and detection of the toxic gas detector. In addition, there is a problem that the toxic gas detector will wait for a long time before obtaining the accurate test value. If the toxic gas detector is not calibrated and tested in time, it will affect the final Detection value.

Generally speaking, the gases in dangerous places are generally divided into three situations, non-toxic or low-toxic and flammable; non-combustible and toxic: flammable and toxic, non-toxic or low-toxic and flammable, obviously it is flammable, and Non-flammable and toxic harmful gas detectors are toxic, and the last one is relatively complicated. If there is a person exposed to the poison, the explosion can be measured if no one is exposed. For the explosion test, select a flammable gas detection and alarm device, and for the poison test, select a toxic gas detection and alarm device. Learn more about F2 Gas Detector

In addition, there is the choice of the type of detection, whether it is a fixed harmful gas detector or portable.

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