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Analysis Principle of Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

Thermal conductivity gas analyzer is a name based on an analysis principle, which can generally analyze the concentration of hydrogen and argon.

The instrument works based on different physical principles of different gas components with different thermal conductivity conditions. The platinum wire is used as a sensitive element to form an unbalanced electric bridge. The output signal corresponds to the volume percentage of the measured gas, and then this signal is amplified, filtered, linearized, and outputted by standard signals. The output is a standard current or voltage signal that is proportional to the measured gas concentration.

Thermal conductivity analyzers are generally used to measure gases with very high thermal conductivity, such as H2 and HE.

The detector’s work is based on the principle of Wheatstone bridge balancing, which has been taught in general middle schools.

The four arms of the bridge automatically maintain current balance, and the same heating wires are installed on the four arms. The two arms are used as reference ends. The upper heating wire is generally sealed in an inert gas, and its heat generation is stable, and the current passing through the resistance value is constant.

The other two arms are used as measuring ends, and the measured gas is passed in. Due to different gas concentrations, the heat taken away from the heating wire is also different. The change in the heat of the heating wire causes the resistance value to change, and the electric current of the bridge also changes accordingly.

By comparing the deviation between the reference current and the measurement current, the corresponding concentration of the measured gas can be obtained.

Application areas: Thermal conductivity analyzers are suitable for thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, petrochemicals, oil refineries, etc.

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