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Oxygen Probe

Oxygen probe is a commonly used sensor to control the atmosphere of heat treatment. It is a measuring probe to determine the oxygen partial pressure in the carbon-containing atmosphere. This method can indirectly measure the carbon potential of the atmosphere in the furnace. It uses the oxygen potential generated by the different oxygen concentrations on […]

What You Must Understand About Productive CO Sensor Placement?

Each year at least 430 individuals pass away from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. CO poisoning is within the main reasons for perishing in houses. CO detectors work effectively in alerting you of dangerous degrees of carbon dioxide. On this page, we’ll go over effective CO sensor positioning so you can be properly shielded. CO Sensor Placement […]

What is the Dew Point Meter?

Dew point meter is an instrument that can directly measure the dew point temperature. A mirror surface is cooled in the sample’s wet air until the dew drops (or ice crystals) appear on the mirror surface, and the average temperature of the mirror surface is measured, which is the dew (frost) point temperature. It has […]

Importance of Installing Explosion-proof Gas Detectors in Boiler Rooms

The main component of natural gas is methane, which is a flammable and explosive gas. If natural gas leaks encounter open flames, static electricity, lightning, or improper operation, explosions and fires may occur, and people in a confined space will lack oxygen, suffocate, and even die. Installing natural gas alarms can effectively prevent explosions and […]

“New Technology” Used in Carbon Dioxide Detectors

At present, there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the development of many coal mines. If you do not enter the coal mine for a long time, you cannot rush in. First of all, you need to test the concentration of carbon dioxide. Now people control the air quality in the underground shopping malls, underground […]

Introduction of Dust Monitor

The dust monitor is mainly used to detect the dust concentration in the environment. At present, people have higher and higher requirements for living, working and living environments. The working principle is mainly the microcomputer laser and the AC electrostatic induction principle. It is mainly applicable to various research institutions, meteorology Public hygiene, industrial labor […]

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