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Introduction of Dust Monitor

The dust monitor is mainly used to detect the dust concentration in the environment. At present, people have higher and higher requirements for living, working and living environments. The working principle is mainly the microcomputer laser and the AC electrostatic induction principle. It is mainly applicable to various research institutions, meteorology Public hygiene, industrial labor hygiene engineering, air pollution research, etc.

Application field ownership:

The main application areas of the dust detector:

  1. It is suitable for the determination of dust concentration at the production site of the labor department of industrial and mining enterprises.
  2. Monitoring of inhalable particulate matter in public places of health and epidemic prevention stations.
  3. Smoke monitoring
  4. 4. On-site testing in scientific research, filter material performance test, etc.
  5. 5. On-site dust concentration measurement, exhaust outlet dust concentration monitoring
  6. 6. Pharmaceutical manufacturing test
  7. 7. Occupational health and safety testing
  8. 8. Places where factories need clean air, precision Management of manufacturing processes for instruments, testing instruments, electronic components, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  9. 9. Various research institutions, meteorology, public hygiene, industrial labor hygiene engineering, air pollution research, etc.
  10. 10. Dust detection in buildings or blasting places;
  11. Site exposure monitoring
  12. Indoor air quality testing
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