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“New Technology” Used in Carbon Dioxide Detectors

At present, there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the development of many coal mines. If you do not enter the coal mine for a long time, you cannot rush in. First of all, you need to test the concentration of carbon dioxide.

Now people control the air quality in the underground shopping malls, underground garages, commercial buildings, rail transit and other spaces or automatic ventilation of central air conditioning. This field is mainly used to detect carbon dioxide concentration with gas detectors. Due to the extremely stable chemical properties of carbon dioxide gas, ordinary chemical detection methods cannot measure it, but infrared sensors can easily detect carbon dioxide.

In agricultural greenhouses or hatcheries, the growth of plants and animals is closely related to the concentration of carbon dioxide gas. The amount of carbon dioxide gas directly affects the output value of the agricultural product, and different plants and animals have different requirements for carbon dioxide concentration. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically monitor the carbon dioxide concentration during the planting and breeding process. For the detection of carbon dioxide gas in this field, infrared method is the best choice.

With the development of gas detection technology, people pay more and more attention to gas detection equipment, the development of gas detectors is becoming more and more perfect, and portable gas detectors are becoming more and more widely used in the chemical coal industry. With the improvement of security awareness, most companies with security risks are equipped with some security equipment. However, the existence of these devices still cannot completely prevent disasters, and the devices can not only deal with inspections, but also play a better role in safety prevention.

The installation place of the carbon dioxide detector belongs to flammable and explosive places, especially the detector is in direct contact with the on-site flammable gas. The detector is sometimes installed in the open air, such as tank farms, open-air valve groups, open-air pump rooms, etc .; it is also installed indoors at a height of 0.3-0.6m from the ground. It is easy to enter the detector if it rains or flushes the ground. Feel free to change the position of the detector. During the modification of the production device, the position of the detector is changed at will, resulting in a decrease in the sensitivity of the detector or a dead angle in the device. As an important security equipment, the gas detector should be managed by a special person to establish and improve all basic information to ensure that the collective detection instrument can prevent it from alarming.

New technology for carbon dioxide detector detection, tunable semiconductor laser modulation spectrum technology with open light path, DFB laser as light source, wavelength modulation technology and laser beam splitting technology are adopted, through detecting a single absorption line of nearby carbon dioxide, two different Fast online monitoring of CO2 gas concentration at the height level.

Using the tunable semiconductor laser modulation spectrum technology and carbon dioxide detection technology of the open optical path, the combination of wavelength modulation and spectroscopic technology, real-time measurement of the carbon dioxide gas concentration value in the 700m optical path range at two different heights, making a large area and large area Flux calculation of trace gases becomes possible. Further correct and objective evaluation of various terrestrial ecosystems provides the basis for the concentration of major greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The carbon dioxide detector can accurately detect carbon dioxide, using infrared imported carbon dioxide sensors, stable signals, and has the advantages of high sensitivity and accuracy. Using advanced microcomputer technology, digital sensor technology, automatic control technology, with digital tube display and keyboard operation, it can automatically monitor and display indoor carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity data. The keyboard can set the upper and lower limits of carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. When carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity exceed the set range, it will alarm automatically, with communication interface.

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