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Related Technical Parameters of Gas Detector

1 Detector Components consisting of sampling device, sensor and preamplifier circuit 2 Sensor A component that converts the concentration of the sample gas into a measurement signal 3 Indicator A part that indicates the measurement result of the gas concentration. 4 Alarm Buzzers and indicators are commonly used for components that emit alarm signals when […]

Signal Transmission Distance of Gas Detector

The fixed gas detector consists of an alarm controller and a detector. The controller can be placed in the duty room and mainly controls the monitoring points. The gas detector is installed in the place where the gas is most likely to leak. The core component is a built-in gas sensor. The sensor detects the […]

How to Choose the Right Toxic and Harmful Gas Detector?

For various production occasions and testing requirements, choosing the appropriate gas detector is a must for everyone who is engaged in safety and health work. Here we will introduce some specific situations for your reference. Confirm the type and concentration range of the gas to be detected: The types of gases encountered in each production […]

Gas Detector Life

Gas detectors are the new favorite of gas detectors. As the gas detection technology matures and progresses, portable gas detectors can be equipped with multiple gas sensors required by a host to achieve a single unit. Portable gas alarms have the characteristics of small size, light weight, fast response, and multiple gas concentration display at […]

Gas Detector Installation Steps and Simple Maintenance

The first step is to install the gas detector in an area where there may be gas leakage. The installation of the gas detector must be firm and the installation position is determined according to the specific gravity of the measured gas relative to the air. Because the specific gravity of the measured gas is […]

Difference between Pumped Gas Detector and Diffused Gas Detector

Gas detectors can be divided into pumped gas detectors and diffused gas detectors according to different sampling methods. The working principles of pumped and diffused gas detectors are basically the same. The collected sample gas is detected by the instrument’s sensors. . And what is the difference between them, I will introduce you below. What […]

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