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Gas Detector Life

Gas detectors are the new favorite of gas detectors. As the gas detection technology matures and progresses, portable gas detectors can be equipped with multiple gas sensors required by a host to achieve a single unit. Portable gas alarms have the characteristics of small size, light weight, fast response, and multiple gas concentration display at the same time.

  1. Pay attention to regular calibration and testing during the use of portable gas alarms.

At present, many gas detectors can replace the detection sensor, but this does not mean that a detector can be equipped with different detector probes at any time. At any time, in addition to the sensor activation time required when changing probes, the instrument must be recalibrated. In addition, it is recommended to perform a response test on the standard gas of the instrument before using it to ensure that the instrument really plays a protective role. Combustible gas alarms and toxic gas alarms, like other analytical detection instruments, are measured by a comparative method: first calibrate the instrument with a zero gas and a standard concentration gas, and obtain a standard curve for storage. In the instrument, during the measurement, the instrument compares the electrical signal generated by the gas concentration to be measured with the electrical signal of the standard concentration, and calculates the accurate gas concentration value. Therefore, zeroing the instrument at any time and often calibrating the instrument are essential tasks to ensure accurate measurement of the instrument.

  1. B. Pay attention to the detection interference between various sensors

Although the composite gas detector can detect multiple gases at the same time, the portable gas detector is not any combination of toxic and harmful gases. Generally speaking, each gas sensor corresponds to a specific detection gas. Therefore, when selecting a gas sensor, you should know as much as possible about the interference of other gases on the sensor to ensure its accurate detection of a specific gas.

  1. Pay attention to the life of various portable gas alarm sensors

All types of gas sensors have a certain useful life, that is, life. Generally speaking, in the portable instrument, the life of the LEL sensor is long, and it can be used for about three years: the life of the photoionization detector is four years or longer; the life of the electrochemical specific gas sensor is relatively short, generally One to two years; the shortest life span of an oxygen sensor is about one year. The life of an electrochemical sensor depends on the drying out of the electrolyte, so if it is not used for a long time, sealing it in a lower temperature environment can extend a certain life. Due to the relatively large size of fixed instruments, the life of the sensor is also longer. Therefore, it is necessary to test the sensor at any time, and use it within the validity period of the sensor as much as possible, and replace it in time if it fails.

  1. Pay attention to the concentration measurement range of the gas detection instrument

Portable gas detectors have a fixed detection range for various types of toxic and harmful gas detectors. Only when the measurement is completed within its measurement range can the instrument accurately measure. If the measurement is performed beyond the measurement range for a long time, it may cause devastating damage to the sensor. For example, if the LEL detector is accidentally used in an environment with more than 100% LEL, it may burn the sensor completely. Toxic gas detectors can also cause damage if used for a long time at higher concentrations. Therefore, if the fixed instrument emits an over-limit signal during use, the measurement circuit should be closed immediately to ensure the safety of the sensor.

Note the above matters during the use of the portable gas detector will increase its service life and improve the accuracy of the measurement!

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