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Difference between Pumped Gas Detector and Diffused Gas Detector

Gas detectors can be divided into pumped gas detectors and diffused gas detectors according to different sampling methods. The working principles of pumped and diffused gas detectors are basically the same. The collected sample gas is detected by the instrument’s sensors. . And what is the difference between them, I will introduce you below.

What is a pumped gas detector?

A pump-type gas detector is a small gas pump built into the instrument. The gas pump is started by the power supply to sample the gas in the sampling point area, and then sends the sample gas to the sensor for detection.

What is a diffusion gas detector?

Diffusion type gas detector is the gas in the area to be detected, which slowly flows into the instrument for detection with the free flow of air. This method is affected by the detection environment, such as ambient temperature and wind speed.

Diffusion gas detector

Difference between pumped gas detector and diffused gas detector

  1. Sampling method

Sampling of the pumping gas detector is sampling by the air pump, while sampling of the diffusion gas detector is the free flow of air into the instrument.

Detection speed

Because the sampling of the diffusion gas detector is affected by the air velocity, the detection efficiency is relatively slow, while the detection speed of the pumped gas detector is fast.

  1. Application occasions

The diffusion type is mainly used in open places, such as open work workshops, while the pump type can be used in some special occasions, such as tunnels, pipes, sewers, tanks, sealed containers, etc. that should not be accessible or inaccessible. Wherever possible, the pump type can be remotely sampled and tested with external accessories.

  1. Cost

Diffusion gas detector is characterized by low cost. Whether it is manufacturing cost or later maintenance cost, diffusion gas detector is far lower than pump suction type.

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