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Basic Principles of Hydrogen Analyzer

The hydrogen analyzer uses the difference between the thermal conductivity of the component to be analyzed and the background component, and the thermal conductivity of the mixed gas changes with the change of the component to be analyzed to work. It is composed of a thermal conductivity gas sensor and an intelligent signal converter. The […]

Application Field of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Infrared analyzers are commonly used to continuously determine the content of CO, CO2, CH4, SO2, NOX, and CH in various mixed gases. It is a very important type of instrument in online analyzers and is widely used in vehicle emission detection (Vehicle Emission) ; On-line analysis and monitoring of gas components in the petrochemical production […]

Analysis of Application Difficulties of Infrared Gas Analyzer

  1 Infrared gas analyzer is to realize a series of chemical processes A gas analyzer or a gas analysis system is equivalent to a complete set of chemical process equipment. Therefore, the working process of the gas analysis instrument system is to realize a series of chemical processes. If you want to obtain correct […]

Air Condition Analysis Box Type Infrared Gas Analyzer

Main feature Can be adjusted automatically according to the surrounding air (depending on the measured component) High efficiency does not require calibration gas and accessories. Multi-layer detection ensures high accuracy and small lateral sensitivity. The sampling unit is easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs. User-friendly WINCE operating system, automatic data storage. Open interface structure (RS232, […]

Thermomagnetic Type of Infrared Gas Analyzer

A physical gas analysis instrument. It is based on the principle that different gases have different thermal conductivity, and calculates the content of certain components by measuring the thermal conductivity of the mixed gas. This infrared gas analyzer is simple and reliable, and it is suitable for many types of gases. It is a basic […]

What are the Common Failures of the Trace Oxygen Analyzer During Use?   

(1) shows that the temperature of the measuring cell is low. You can check the connection of the thermocouple of the measuring cell, check the insurance on the multiplexer board, and check the connection of the circuit board. (2) displays the high or low potential of the measuring cell. You can check the circuit connection […]

The Scope of Application of Trace Oxygen Analyzer

The trace oxygen analyzer adopts a unique protective gas circuit, which effectively protects the sensor and prevents the sensor from being exposed to the air for a long time to affect the life of the sensor; the built-in sensor protection device and temperature compensation sensor ensure the service life of the sensor while reducing the […]

The Measuring Principle of Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer is Divided into Two Methods

The molecular oxygen dissolved in water is called dissolved oxygen, and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is an indicator of the self-purification ability of water. The dissolved oxygen value is a basis for studying the self-purification ability of water. The dissolved oxygen in the water is consumed, and it takes a short […]

Talk about the Measurement Range of Explosion-Proof Oxygen Analyzer

Explosion-proof oxygen analyzer digital adaptive temperature control, thermal element adopts anti-vibration and anti-corrosion structure, signal digital processing, blue bottom liquid crystal display. Linear expression of measurement output. Digital temperature compensation, two sets of output passive contacts, isolated output standard signal, infrared remote control operation, full Chinese menu operation. The imported fuel cell oxygen detection element […]

High Purity Oxygen Analyzer, High Content Oxygen Analyzer, 3D Ion Flow Oxygen Analyzer Principle

Analysis Oxygen content (oxygen content) is one of the very important indicators in the industrial production process, which directly affects the production capacity, speed, efficiency and safety. Therefore, how to measure the oxygen content quickly, accurately and reliably in order to control the oxygen content in time is very important. The ion flow method is […]

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