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The Scope of Application of Trace Oxygen Analyzer

The trace oxygen analyzer adopts a unique protective gas circuit, which effectively protects the sensor and prevents the sensor from being exposed to the air for a long time to affect the life of the sensor; the built-in sensor protection device and temperature compensation sensor ensure the service life of the sensor while reducing the sample gas temperature.

The influence of environmental changes on measurement accuracy; calibration can be done at any point in the entire range without multi-point calibration, making calibration simple and convenient;

Trace oxygen analyzers are also used in a wide range: steel, metallurgy, thermoelectric, petrochemical, chemical, coking, PVC, polysilicon, synthetic ammonia and other industries can be used, which are classified as follows:

  1. Air separation oxygen production, air separation nitrogen production, automatic analysis of oxygen content in chemical processes
  2. Analysis of oxygen content in protective gases in the electronics industry, such as: trace oxygen test in nitrogen
  3. Analysis of oxygen content in glass and building materials industries and analysis of oxygen content in various industries
  4. Analysis of oxygen content in protective gas of high temperature sintering furnace such as magnetic materials
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