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Talk about the Measurement Range of Explosion-Proof Oxygen Analyzer

Explosion-proof oxygen analyzer digital adaptive temperature control, thermal element adopts anti-vibration and anti-corrosion structure, signal digital processing, blue bottom liquid crystal display. Linear expression of measurement output. Digital temperature compensation, two sets of output passive contacts, isolated output standard signal, infrared remote control operation, full Chinese menu operation. The imported fuel cell oxygen detection element is selected, which has the characteristics of long life and fast response time. Automatic temperature compensation to eliminate the influence of ambient temperature. The built-in air pump (optional) upper and lower limit alarm points can be set arbitrarily within the full range. With 0~5V or 4~20mA current signal output, the instrument has a standard RS232C communication port.

Explosion-proof oxygen analyzer measuring range: 0~5/10/25.00%O2, measuring accuracy: ≤±1%FS

Repeatability: ≤±1%. Response time: T90≤50S. Output interface: 4~20mA or 0~10V or alarm output or RS232 or RS485, power supply: AC170~264V50/60HZ or DC24V (optional) Sample gas temperature: 0~50℃. Sample gas flow: 400~800ml/min, measuring principle: electrochemical sensor. Measuring medium: inert gas such as N2, reducing gas and mixed gas such as hydrocarbon. Waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, shockproof, intrinsically safe circuit design, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, passed the standard test and CMC measurement instrument production license certification. Protection is IP66, built-in water vapor and dust filter to prevent damage to sensors and instruments due to water vapor and dust. Built-in pump suction measurement, quick response, sampling distance greater than 10 meters, special gas circuit design, can be directly detected. Positive or negative pressure -0.3~2kg of gas has no effect on the measurement results. The 3.5-inch clear color screen displays real-time concentration, alarm, time, temperature, humidity, storage, communication, printing, power, charging status and other information, menu interface Use the clear simulation icon to display the function name of each menu. Large-capacity data storage function, standard 100,000 data storage capacity, larger capacity can be customized. Optional, U disk storage or SD card storage function, supports real-time storage, timing storage or only alarm concentration data and time, supports local viewing and deletion of data, and can also upload data to via USB, infrared communication, and RS232 interface Computer, use host computer software to analyze data, store and print.

The explosion-proof oxygen analyzer can complete the menu setting through the magnetic pen, which is convenient for on-site operation. The original imported fuel cell oxygen sensor has fast response, high measurement accuracy, good linearity, long calibration cycle, resistance to weak acid and weak alkali. Automatic temperature compensation function reduces the error caused by temperature changes. It can be calibrated at any point in the entire range without multi-point calibration, which makes the calibration simple and convenient, simple operation, long service life and easy maintenance.

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