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How to Choose the Right Toxic and Harmful Gas Detector?

For various production occasions and testing requirements, choosing the appropriate gas detector is a must for everyone who is engaged in safety and health work. Here we will introduce some specific situations for your reference. Confirm the type and concentration range of the gas to be detected: The types of gases encountered in each production […]

How to Choose the Bus System and Branch Line System of Gas Detection System

For stationary gas detectors, the system configuration of on-site gas detection + controller centralized display interlocking is essential. For the two different wiring methods, they are commonly used in the bus system and branch line system, how to choose? This time Van Andy analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the two for customers to refer to […]

How to Choose Gas Detectors for Different Environments?

According to different environment and testing requirements, choosing the right and correct gas detector is a must for everyone who is engaged in safety and health work. The type of gas detector is different depending on the environment. fixed: This is the most commonly used detector in industrial installations and production processes. It can be […]

How to Choose a Dew Point Meter?

There are a variety of methods for measuring the dew point (humidity instrument), and their performance and price are very different. This requires us to be careful when selecting the instrument. Not only must we consider the performance and price, but also consider the use of the instrument and the measurement. The type of gas […]

How does too Much or too Little Oxygen Harm the Human Body?

What about the oxygen content around you, oxygen detector to protect you! The oxygen concentration in the pure air is 20.95% VOL, then look at how the oxygen is too much to harm the human body: 100% lethal / 6 minutes (absolutely enclosed environment, such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber or deep water) 50% fatal / […]

How does an Environmental Dust Monitor Work?

The working principle of environmental dust monitor, this instrument is composed of a sensor and a data processor assembled together. The sensor is a key component of the instrument’s data acquisition. The principle of this component is to convert the laser beam After a set of aspherical mirrors, it becomes a fine measuring beam with […]

How Does a Hydrocarbon Analyzer Work?

The hydrocarbon analyzer uses the Coulomb method as the basic method and uses a single-chip microcomputer technology to realize the intelligence and automation of carbon and hydrogen analysis. The KS-1 type hydrocarbon analyzer reflects the characteristics of many domestic hydrocarbon analyzers. The precision and accuracy of its analysis results meet the requirements of national standards […]

How does a Flammable Gas Alarm Guarantee Production Safety?

Combustible gas alarm device is related to safety, so it belongs to the scope of compulsory verification. Flammable gas alarm instrument has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which displays the ambient temperature and humidity in real time. GASTiger 2000’s wireless capabilities allow security personnel to obtain instrument data and alarm status in real-time from […]

How Do Infrared Gas Analyzers Work?

Gas industry terminology The vibration and rotation spectra of most gas molecules are in the infrared band. When the frequency of the incident infrared radiation is the same as the characteristic frequency of the vibrational rotation of the molecules, the infrared radiation will be absorbed by the gas molecules, causing the attenuation of the radiation […]

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