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How does a Flammable Gas Alarm Guarantee Production Safety?

Combustible gas alarm device is related to safety, so it belongs to the scope of compulsory verification. Flammable gas alarm instrument has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which displays the ambient temperature and humidity in real time. GASTiger 2000’s wireless capabilities allow security personnel to obtain instrument data and alarm status in real-time from anywhere.

When the flammable gas leaks in the industrial environment and daily life environment (such as the kitchen using natural gas), when the flammable gas alarm detects that the flammable gas concentration reaches the alarm value set by the alarm, the flammable gas alarm will emit sound and light Alarm signal to remind people to take safety measures such as evacuation, forced ventilation, shutdown of equipment, etc.

The gas alarm can be linked with related linkage equipment such as leakage during factory production, storage and transportation, which can drive exhaust, cut off power, spray and other systems to prevent explosion, fire and poisoning accidents, thereby ensuring safe production. It is often used in chemical plants, petroleum, gas stations, steel plants and other places where flammable gases are used or generated.

Combustible gas alarm is a kind of preventive alarm in the area safety monitor. When the flammable gas alarm in the industrial environment detects that the flammable gas concentration reaches the critical point of the lower or upper limit of the explosion, the flammable gas alarm will issue an alarm signal to remind the staff to take safety measures and drive exhaust, cut off, spray System to prevent explosions, fires and poisoning accidents, thereby ensuring safe production.

When the detector alarms due to a gas leak and the automatic cut-off device is used, do not turn on the light or turn on any electrical switches; immediately open the window for ventilation. After the red alarm indicator of the detector goes out, look for the cause of the gas leak (unable When confirming the cause, the relevant gas company should be contacted for processing) and eliminated. Confirm that the detector does not continue to alarm (the gas does not continue to leak), press the manual switch to turn on the automatic shut-off device to restore the gas. Do not touch the power supply of the household gas alarm at will to prevent the detector from working properly.

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