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How to Choose a Dew Point Meter?

There are a variety of methods for measuring the dew point (humidity instrument), and their performance and price are very different. This requires us to be careful when selecting the instrument. Not only must we consider the performance and price, but also consider the use of the instrument and the measurement.

The type of gas and corrosiveness, the general principles are as follows:

1.Humidity benchmark: Considering the requirement of high measurement accuracy and ideal sample gas, a cold mirror dew point instrument should generally be used, such as M3 of GE in the United States, S4000TRS of MICHELL in the United Kingdom, or M300 of the US Edgetech The dew point meter of the Swiss MBW company DP30, etc., the user should choose the appropriate product according to the actual range and accuracy.

2.Enterprise benchmark or laboratory analysis: If the measurement accuracy is required, a cold mirror method can be used, such as the S4000 series products of the British MICHELL company or the DP19 of the Swiss MBW company; if the range requirement is low (dew point -80 ℃) Below) and the gas is relatively clean, you can choose an electrolytic instrument, such as 1-C from Edgetech in the United States, M303 from DuPont.

  1. On-site detection: If the measurement accuracy is high, a cold mirror method can be used (same as above); if fast measurement speed or heavy gas pollution is required, it is best to choose a resistance-capacitance method instrument, such as British Systech, British Alpha humidity instrument The company’s SADPmini handheld dew point meter, or the United States XENTAUR’s XPDM. Continuous online monitoring: If the accuracy requirements are not too high, resistance-capacitance method instruments can be used, such as DS-1000 online dew point meter or new DS-2000 online dew point meter by British Systech and British Alpha Humidity Instrument Company, and XDT type by American XENTAUR company Both of them have the characteristics of low price and convenient installation and commissioning. has dew point meters for sale. Welcome new and old customers to call or negotiate online.

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