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What about the oxygen content around you, oxygen detector to protect you!

The oxygen concentration in the pure air is 20.95% VOL, then look at how the oxygen is too much to harm the human body:

100% lethal / 6 minutes (absolutely enclosed environment, such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber or deep water)

50% fatal / 4 to 5 minutes can be cured after treatment (absolutely closed environment, such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber)

20.9% oxygen concentration is normal

15 ~ 19% reduce work efficiency and can cause head, lung and circulatory problems

10-12% shortness of breath, loss of judgment, purple lips. Learn more about phosgene detectors

8-10% mental retardation, fainting, unconsciousness, pale face, purple lips, nausea and vomiting.

Learn more about other gas detectors Convulsions within 4 to 6%, cessation of breathing, and death within 40 seconds

Oxygen detector, which uses electrochemical sensors, is sensitive in response, fast in response, and good in linear output. The oxygen detector continuously detects the percentage concentration of oxygen in the ambient air of industrial and mining enterprises. When the ambient concentration is high, the oxygen detector performs high limit, low limit sound, light, and vibration alarms to warn site personnel to evacuate the danger area as soon as possible. Detect and monitor anytime, anywhere. This will protect people’s lives!

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