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The working principle of environmental dust monitor, this instrument is composed of a sensor and a data processor assembled together. The sensor is a key component of the instrument’s data acquisition. The principle of this component is to convert the laser beam

After a set of aspherical mirrors, it becomes a fine measuring beam with uniform power density distribution. A front focus falls on the beam trajectory and a back focus falls on the side of the beam trajectory

The scattered light collection lens group on the photoelectric converter, when the isokinetic sampling air passes the laser beam and the front focus of the scattered light collection lens group, the dust in the air

Angstrom particles emit scattered light corresponding to their physical size. The scattered light is collected by the optical lens, and is received by the photoelectric conversion device at the back focus and converted into the corresponding electricity.

The sampling gas inlet of the sensor is set at the top of the instrument. The power source for collecting air is a brushless DC fan. The data processor collects the sensors

After the electrical signal is separated by the electronic cutter, particles larger than 10 μm are separated, and then the humidity, mass concentration, etc. are converted by the microprocessor. Results are displayed by LED

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