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Trace Oxygen Analyzer

Instrument features:

One-piece design reduces the influence of external interference on the measured value;

The probe uses special materials to make it more resistant to corrosion;

High protection grade instrument housing;

Built-in display and button design can ensure the service life of the instrument part even in harsh environments;

Standard DN65 flange installation makes installation simple and convenient;

High-precision automatic temperature compensation system eliminates the influence of ambient temperature;

Simple operation, long service life and easy maintenance;

Application areas:

Widely used in flue gas online continuous monitoring system CEMS flue gas humidity measurement, and can also be used in the humidity measurement and control of wood, building materials, papermaking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fiber, textile, tobacco, vegetables, and food processing; this humidity meter can also be used It is used for humidity measurement in high temperature environment such as ceramic drying kiln and welding rod drying furnace.

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