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The Main Advantages and Composition of The Fluorescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

  1. The main advantages and composition of fluorescence dissolved oxygen analyzer:

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Measurement Principle The solubility of oxygen in water depends on temperature, pressure and the dissolved salt in the water. The sensing part of the dissolved oxygen analyzer is composed of gold electrode (cathode), silver electrode (anode) and potassium hydroxide electrolyte. Oxygen diffuses through the membrane into the electrolyte and the gold electrode and silver electrode form a measurement loop.

1. The sensor adopts a new type of oxygen-sensitive membrane, with its own NTC temperature compensation function, and the measurement results have good repeatability and stability.

2. No oxygen consumption during measurement, no flow rate/agitating requirements.

3. Breakthrough fluorescent technology, no membrane and electrolyte, basically no maintenance.

4. Built-in self-diagnosis function to ensure accurate data.

5. Factory calibration, calibration is not required for one year, and can be calibrated on site.

6, digital sensor, strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance

7. Standard digital signal output, which can be integrated and networked with other equipment without a controller.

8. The sensor is convenient and quick to install on site, realizing plug and play.

II. Typical applications of fluorescence dissolved oxygen analyzer:

1. DO on-line monitoring of various technological processes such as the adjustment tank, biochemical tank, and effluent of the sewage treatment plant.

2. DO online monitoring of water plants, surface water, water used in various industrial production processes, aquaculture and other industries.

3. Features:

1. The principle of fluorescence method is sensitive, and the measurement is stable and reliable.

2. Special optical coating, no need to replace, no electrolyte, no maintenance.

3. No oxygen consumption, no flow rate and agitation requirements.

4, suitable for various sewage treatment measurement control.

5, current, relay and other signal output.

6. ​​Dot matrix display, Chinese and English menu operation.

7. Various installation methods and easy maintenance.

8. Long service life, high precision and stronger resolution.

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