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Notes on Calibration of Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

The water dissolved oxygen analyzer measures the content of oxygen dissolved in the aqueous solution. Oxygen is dissolved in the water through the surrounding air, air flow and photosynthesis. It can be used to measure the oxygen content that affects the reaction speed, process efficiency, or environment of the process. Monitoring: such as aquaculture, biological reactions, environmental testing lakes, streams, ocean water/wastewater treatment, wine production.

The dissolved oxygen analyzer is based on the quenching principle of active fluorescence by specific substances in physics. The modulated green light shines on the fluorescent material to excite it and emit red light. Since oxygen molecules can take away energy (quenching effect), the time and intensity of red light excitation is inversely proportional to the concentration of oxygen molecules. We use a red light source synchronized with the green light as a reference, measure the phase difference between the excited red light and the reference light, and compare it with the internal calibration value to calculate the concentration of oxygen molecules, and the output is temperature compensated The final value of zui. Dissolved oxygen (DO) is an index to evaluate the self-purification ability of water bodies. A high dissolved oxygen content indicates that the water body has a strong self-purification ability; on the contrary, it indicates that the pollutants in the water body are not easy to be oxidized and decomposed. At this time, anaerobic bacteria will multiply and make the water quality smelly. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields.

Cautions for calibration of dissolved oxygen analyzer:

When calibrating, make sure that the sensor is dry and that the probe is not exposed to direct sunlight. Refer to the attached table for saturated dissolved oxygen values ​​at various temperatures.

Most of today’s sewage treatment is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic sewage treatment processes. Dissolved oxygen analyzers play a pivotal role in actual wastewater treatment operations. Deterioration or excessive fluctuation of this indicator will quickly lead to activated sludge. System fluctuations affect processing efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the dissolved oxygen content in the actual treatment process.

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