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Features and Applications of Hyperoxia Analyzer

Instrument features:

Friendly man-machine dialogue menu, intuitive and convenient operation;

720×720 color high-definition capacitive screen display, the display is delicate and clear;

Imported ion current sensor is used, which has the characteristics of no power consumption, no life, high measurement accuracy, fast response speed, and easy maintenance;

Temperature and pressure compensation, eliminating the influence of temperature and pressure on measurement accuracy;

Automatic storage of 40,000 pieces of historical data, users can view historical data locally at any time;

Calibration can be done at any point within the range, and the measurement accuracy of the entire range can be met without multi-point calibration;

According to user needs, one-way or two-way communication can be realized with the computer through the data communication interface RS232 (default) or RS485;

Embedded installation, simple installation and convenient maintenance.


It is mainly used for real-time detection and analysis of high-concentration oxygen in large-scale air separation high-purity oxygen, medical and industrial oxygen generators, smelting industry, medical and health, petrochemical, environmental protection, electronic power and other industries.

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