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Properties and Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide, molecular formula is H2S, molecular weight is 34.076, is a flammable acid gas under standard conditions, colorless, odorous egg smell at low concentration, poisonous. Its aqueous solution is hydrosulfuric acid. The molecular weight is 34.08, the vapor pressure is 2026.5kPa / 25.5 ° C, the flash point is <-50 ° C, the melting […]

Signal Transmission Distance of Gas Detector

The fixed gas detector consists of an alarm controller and a detector. The controller can be placed in the duty room and mainly controls the monitoring points. The gas detector is installed in the place where the gas is most likely to leak. The core component is a built-in gas sensor. The sensor detects the […]

Pumped Oxygen Analyzer

Pumping type gas analyzer is an intelligent high-performance analysis and detection instrument that can continuously monitor the measured gas and has the function of personnel fall alarm. The optional wireless function of the instrument allows security personnel to obtain the instrument data and alarm status in real time from anywhere. Intuitive data display, large 3.2-inch […]

Principles of Gas Sensors

The key component of a gas detector is a gas sensor. Gas sensors can be divided into three categories in principle: Gas sensors using physical and chemical properties: such as semiconductor type (surface control type, volume control type, surface potential type), catalytic combustion type, solid thermal conductivity type, etc. Gas sensors using physical properties: such […]

Principle of Infrared Gas Analyzer

The principle of infrared gas analyzer is to use infrared to analyze the body. It is based on the difference in the concentration of the components to be analyzed and the absorbed radiant energy. The remaining radiant energy makes the temperature rise in the detector different, and the pressure on the two sides of the […]

Precautions in Using the Oxygen Analyzer

When performing oxygen content analysis, especially trace oxygen analysis, because the oxygen content in the air is as high as 21% O2, if it is improperly handled, it will easily cause pollution and interference to the sample, and the analysis result data will be incorrect. The main reason is the improper operation of the oxygen […]

Precautions for Using the Oxygen Analyzer

When the oxygen analyzer performs oxygen specific gravity analysis, especially trace oxygen analysis, because the specific gravity of oxygen in the gas is as high as 21% O2, if it is not handled properly, it will easily cause contamination and interference to the sample, resulting in incorrect analysis result data. The reason is caused by […]

Points to Know When Using an Ammonia Gas Detector

According to the national standard “Occupational Exposure Limits for Harmful Factors in the Workplace GBZ2-2002”, the maximum allowable ammonia concentration in the workshop is 30mg / M3, which is about 39.5ppm. In the actual application of ammonia detector, the following values ​​are usually referred to: Average threshold (TLV-TWA): 25 (generally set as a first-level alarm […]

Oxygen Analyzer Instrument Features

Integrated design reduces the influence of external interference on measured values; The probe uses special materials to make it more resistant to corrosion; Instrument housing with high protection level; Built-in display and button design, can ensure the service life of the instrument part even in harsh environments; Standard DN65 flange mounting makes installation simple and […]

Overview of Thermal Conductive Gas Analyzers

Thermal conductivity gas analyzer is a physical gas analysis instrument. Based on the principle that different gases have different heat conduction capabilities, it can estimate the content of certain components by measuring the thermal conductivity of the mixed gas. This kind of analytical instrument is simple and reliable, and it can be used for many kinds […]

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