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Pumped Oxygen Analyzer

Pumping type gas analyzer is an intelligent high-performance analysis and detection instrument that can continuously monitor the measured gas and has the function of personnel fall alarm. The optional wireless function of the instrument allows security personnel to obtain the instrument data and alarm status in real time from anywhere. Intuitive data display, large 3.2-inch full-color high-definition large screen, faster response speed, and military-quality casing design raise the safety protection of workers to a whole new level.


◆ High-performance intelligent sensor with a service life of more than 2-3 years;

◆ Active pumping type, short response time, embedded 32-bit ultra-low power consumption microprocessor, small detection error and high resolution;

◆ Built-in temperature and humidity sensor, real-time display of ambient temperature and humidity;

◆ Intelligent temperature and humidity and zero-point compensation algorithm, full software automatic calibration function for target points of level 2 to level 4 and above, to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results; automatic detection of the working status of each sensor and components at startup;

◆ 3.2-inch full-color super-large display, large and clear background light can display measurement information under any lighting conditions, easy-to-understand UI color icon menu, 7-key navigation friendly user operation interface, fully display the design of humanity, globalization;

◆ Support PPM and mg / m3,% VOL and mg / L concentration units to switch freely, support Chinese and English operation interface to switch freely;

◆ Standard configuration of a large capacity 11,000 mAh lithium battery, a single gas continuous working time of more than 32 hours; support for mobile power supply and charging, compatible with universal USB port mobile phone charger;

◆ First-class mechanical design, engineering plastic and high-strength wear-resistant aluminum shell, military quality quality assurance; reasonable and scientific air circuit and air chamber design, try to avoid sensors from environmental interference; protection level IP66;

◆ Automatic data storage, the storage interval can be customized, can store 300,000 groups of data with date and time identification, such as (optional) micro TF memory card, can store more than 5 million groups;

◆ The short-distance RTU433 wireless transmission method or unlimited distance GPRS wireless transmission method can transmit real-time detection data and alarm status to the security center (optional) through the built-in wireless module function;

◆ Support USB and RS232 serial port measurement data download, support mini portable printer serial port or Bluetooth wireless printing (optional).

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