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Points to Know When Using an Ammonia Gas Detector

According to the national standard “Occupational Exposure Limits for Harmful Factors in the Workplace GBZ2-2002”, the maximum allowable ammonia concentration in the workshop is 30mg / M3, which is about 39.5ppm. In the actual application of ammonia detector, the following values ​​are usually referred to:

Average threshold (TLV-TWA): 25 (generally set as a first-level alarm point) Transient threshold (TLV-STEL): 35 (generally set as a second-level alarm point) Dangerous concentration (IDLH): 100ppm-500ppm

Concentration of ammonia in the atmosphere

  1. 5-10 ppm nose can detect its odor.
  2. 20 ppm detects the special smell of ammonia.
  3. 40ppm A few people feel mild irritation.
  4. Exposure of 100ppm for several minutes caused considerable irritation of eyes and nasal cavity.

E.400ppm causes severe irritation of the throat, nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract.

F.700ppm exposure for more than 30 minutes may cause permanent eye damage.

G.1700ppm severe cough and wheezing can be fatal within 30 minutes.

  1. 5000ppm severe pulmonary edema, which can be fatal in a moment of suffocation.

Ammonia characteristics: Ammonia is a colorless gas, toxic, and the danger level is 2.2. It is irritating, common refrigerants, Molecular formula NH3. The molecular weight is 17.03. The relative density is 0.7714g / l. Melting point: -77.7 ° C. The boiling point is -33.35 ° C. Auto-ignition point is 651.11 ° C. Vapor density is 0.6. Humidity sensor probe,, stainless steel electric heating tube PT100 sensor, cast aluminum heater, heating coil, fluid solenoid valve, vapor pressure 1013.08kPa (25.7 ℃). The explosion limit of the vapor and air mixture is 16-25% (the most ignitable concentration is 17%).

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